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Updated: Apr 13

As a results originated person I have spent my life chasing the proverbial carrot… running after my goals. To be honest I love it… it gives me a sense of achievement and that I am doing well in life.

However, I re-evaluated how effective this strategy has been a year or two ago, and moving into our ‘Global pause’ has only cemented my learning’s.

What I have found in this time is a deep need ‘to be.’ To drop the 'working out', the striving, and finding the peace in the presence. I know this is not a new concept but what I question is why do I need to be in lockdown for 3 weeks to really give myself permission to go here.

As humans I believe growth is fundamental in our evolution, yet ironically, what I have found by allowing myself to drop into the present is to stop trying to get somewhere.... I arrive there much quicker. This means surrender, letting go of the control. Not necessarily having all the answers and being ok with that.

I am by no means an expert in this process at times I have felt lonely, the need for humanness in my life. Yet I have also experience a deep sense of peace of and trust during the chaos and uncertainty. I have huge gratitude to my process I know not everyone has had this experience.

Let me know where you are... feel free to comment or get in touch wherever you are.


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